Health management can be hard. We believe healthcare should be easy.

We believe technology is a powerful lever to improve healthcare.

At Veta Health, we are passionate about using technology to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. We believe that in an increasingly connected world, healthcare delivery and wellness management should be seamlessly integrated, especially for patients suffering from chronic conditions.


Veta Health enables patients and providers to be equal partners, co-producing better health outcomes together. The right tools can empower patients to become active managers of their own health, thereby reducing costs and improving the quality of care delivery in an overburdened healthcare system.


Our digital health team at Veta Health creates technology to help patients manage their health and to allow doctors to focus on what matters most: caring for the sickest patients. We aren’t another another added technology – we are the technology solution that pulls it all together.

about veta health

Our Mission


Provide intuitive technology for patients and clinicians that enables them to co-produce better patient outcomes.

Our Vision


Change the landscape of healthcare delivery by leveraging technology to create effective, continuous care that extends beyond the walls of a hospital.