VETA HEALTH celebrates

World Health Day 2020: What It Means to Us

On this World Health Day, Veta Health thanks all nurses and midwives who work tirelessly to ensure we are safe, healthy and cared for. From all of us: thank you.

“Creating healthier communities is about creating health equity and empowering people with the right tools and information to take an active role in their health management.”

Tanvi V. Abbhi, Co-Founder

“Supporting care teams through innovation to expand the reach of their efforts in an efficient manner.”

Dr. Nora Zetsche, Co-Founder

“Understanding the role that social determinants play in healthcare and providing resources to help alleviate these before they become health concerns.”

Pete Warrington, Technical Architect

“Focusing on promoting healthier lifestyle habits that increase the life expectancy of people around the world.”

Margaux Gleber, MPH, Business Development & Regulatory Compliance

“Advocating for the adoption of patient-centered care and focusing on digital health tools that can improve health.”

Jake Dreier, Head of Growth

“Spreading the importance of patient empowerment and preventative health through technology and social circles.”

Eunice Lee, Delivery & Client Success

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