Veta Health Solution

Delivering Solutions that Optimize Health Outcomes For Value-Driven Care Initiatives

Clinically-Integrated Workflows

Veta Health offers a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform that is bidirectionally integrated into the EHR and can be built into the EHR ambulatory workflow.

Flexible Care Pathways

Veta Health’s proprietary care plan builder allows for easy customization of care pathways to meet the needs of organizations & departments.

One Intuitive Platform

Protocol-Driven Care Pathways

Veta Health’s protocol-based care pathways extend a workflow-based approach to guide patients and clinicians. Care pathways are responsive to patient inputs through questionnaires, assessments, and health status via 400+ Bluetooth-enabled devices. This information is analyzed and transmitted to care teams in real time, thus decreasing time to intervention.

Multi-Channel Engagement Strategies

Veta Health employs a multi-channel communication strategy to cater to diverse communication needs including SMS, Email, App and Web, offered in both English and Spanish. 88% of patients say it’s “Easy” or “Extremely Easy” to use Veta Health and over 80% of patient users report being more satisfied with their care experience and communication with their care team.

Intelligent Analytics & Clinical Insights

Veta Health’s Cognitive Care Assistant, an analytics engine, automates responses to at-risk patients based on Patient-Generated Health Data and alerts clinicians in real time. Advanced analytics and reporting dashboards give insight into patient and population health, which is in turn leveraged to inform care protocols that optimize for better health outcomes.

Automated Workflow Tools

Veta Health’s workflow tools support care teams under value-based care. Automated task lists alert clinicians of critical patient health status and enables them to document interventions and outcomes or reassign tasks within the team. During implementation Veta Health works with clients’ existing care teams to optimize their efforts to meet the needs of value-based care.

Reaching Patients via Healthcare Stakeholders

For Patients

Our digital solutions enable patients to better self-manage their health, and empower them to actively participate in their health management while creating lasting behavior change.

For Care Partners

With care partner access & guided care protocols for friends and family, patients are supported on their care journey and loved ones have insight into health progress.

For Providers

We provide the tools necessary for organizations to be change leaders in value-based care, providing insights on system-wide performance, care efficiency and cost-reduction, while improving patient health outcomes.

For Payers

Our intelligent platform and advanced analytics facilitates streamlined service alignment within networks, improved patient outcomes and reduced costs.

For Pharma

Our digital platform supports pharma’s growing efforts in disease management and real-time tracking of real-world adherence and outcomes.

The Digital Care Journey

Our continuous care solution reduces the effort and tedium of care management, enabling doctors to intelligently prioritize their patients and focus on what matters most: caring for the sickest patients.

Veta Health supports protocols in disease management, peri-operative care, and wellness. Current offerings are across a number of therapeutic areas including Cardiology, Pulmonology, Neurology, Endocrinology, and Oncology for adult and pediatric populations. Veta Health’s digital platform is flexible to meet the needs of different patient populations, keeping them engaged throughout their care journeys and improving long-term health outcomes

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