Solutions designed around the patient to ensure effective and cost-efficient care.

EHR-integrated and HIPAA-compliant platforms

Our integrated continuous care solution reduces the effort and tedium of care management, enabling doctors to intelligently prioritize their patients and focus on what matters most: caring for the sickest patients.

For health organizations

Veta Health offers the tools necessary to streamline work flows and care coordination along with the ability to measure system-wide performance to improve care efficiency and reduce cost.

For physicians

Veta Health provides an intelligent platform to facilitate care coordination and to enable remote patient monitoring, leading to early interventions and improved patient outcomes.

For patients

Veta Health allows you access to your health data, along with interpretation and analytics tools to help you understand and actively participate in your personal health management.

Intuitive patient and provider platforms


Veta Health’s patient-facing app collects data from self-reported health statuses and wearable devices. Our clinically-integrated, intelligent dashboards relay health data to providers, who are seamlessly able to identify and manage their at-risk patients through the physician portal.

Remote Vitals Monitoring

View patient-entered vital data and data from 200+ wearable/smart devices.

Risk Stratification

Get notified about concerning fluctuations in vital readings.

Disease Management

Quickly deploy care plans across chronic-illness categories using our templates.

Care Coordination

Support patients continuously with your clinical team or ours.

Secure Messaging

Connect patients & providers seamlessly when it matters most.

Medication Compliance

Know if/when patients are adhering to medication regimens and take action.

Lifelong Benefits

Enabling early health interventions reduces emergency room visits, disease complications, and readmissions.


Our solution reduces the effort and tedium of care management, enabling doctors to intelligently prioritize their patients and focus on caring for their sickest patients.


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Lifelong Benefits

Improve Outcomes

Intervene with patients when needed most using our intelligent, real-time patient monitoring dashboard.

Grow Patient Engagement

Interact with patients when needed using our secure messaging system through SMS, email, in-app messaging, and video.

Reduce Costs

Avoid costly hospital/clinic visits and penalties by getting notified and intervening before serious conditions develop.

Increase Efficiency

Integrate seamlessly into care givers' work flow and focus on the right patients at the right time.

Visualize Data

View and interpret patient data with superior analytics and visualization tools using our intelligent dashboards.

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