Veta Health for Remote Patient Monitoring:

Remote care for your patients starts here.

Veta Health simplifies care by providing an easy solution to implement RPM and meet CMS reimbursement requirements.

Increase your revenue through CMS reimbursement

CMS RPM reimbursement codes incentivize providers to engage and manage patients proactively and remotely. Medicare reimburses practices an average of $120 per patient per month* from CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.


Patient onboarding & education


Once per episode of care


Device supply with tracking & alerts


Each 30 days


First 20 minutes of monitoring


Each calendar month


Each additional 20 minutes


Each calendar month, up to 2x

*These are average Medicare rates. Actual reimbursement varies by MAC locality.  RPM service are also covered by Medicare Advantage plans. Private payers set their own rates and are not required to reimburse at the rates set by Medicare.

Clinically-validated, patient-centered care

When you partner with Veta Health, you’re signing up to drive better outcomes for your patients. We’ll help you reduce episodic care and improve patient care by continuously monitoring your rising and high-risk patients. Plus, you’ll earn extra revenue for your practice.


Patient enrollment

Let us handle contacting, consenting, and enrolling patients on your behalf at no extra cost.

Clinical support

We act as an extension of your practice, only escalating to your team when needed.

Secure infrastructure

Patient data is secured end-to-end, from device data collection to our HIPAA-compliant platform.

Time tracking & billing

Easily document in patients’ EHRs and bill monthly for CPT 99454, 99457, and 99458.

Get started today

Be up and running and have devices shipped to your patients in days with our white glove set-up.

Case study:

Remote cardiovascular monitoring

average medication compliance

reduction for CHF admissions

increase in patient satisfaction

An out-of-the-box solution with end-to-end support.

Our turn-key implementation simplifies care for practices. We handle patient eligibility, outreach, enrollment, and support – you just review the data and adjust care as needed.

Here’s how it works.

Our platform collects device data and provides billing analytics with no set-up required for practices.


Our team informs patients of the program’s benefits, gains consent, enrolls them, and ships them a device.


Once the patient receives the cellular-enabled device, one of our nurses assists with set-up and education.


We monitor data and contact patients if vitals are out-of-range. If needed, care is escalated to the practice.


Veta Health provides cellular-enabled devices that help physicians and their patients manage the most common chronic conditions.


Device management

We cover all device-related costs, including delivery directly to patients’ homes.


FDA-cleared, out-of-the-box ready

No Wi-Fi, smartphone, or internet setup required.

Complimentary Care Plans

Devices pair seamlessly with our patient-facing Care Plans.

Request an estimate of what your practice can earn in a given year.

Fees are charged only for billable RPM patients1 and include the connected device2, cellular service, hosting and patient support.

1Patients may be subject to a co-pay.

2Patients must have a medical necessity to receive a device.

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