We Have Big News

TriVox is Becoming Veta Health!

This change will be effective as of December 2019.

Please see the below FAQ to learn more about what this means for you.

What does this mean for me (TriVox users including patients, parents, caregivers, etc.)? Do I need to do anything different?

Veta Health is committed to making this change as easy as possible for you. Some clinics that use TriVox will move from TriVox to Veta Health while other clinics will stop providing TriVox Health services. If you have questions about the continued use of the platform in your provider’s practice, please let your provider know.

Each clinic knows about the change from TriVox to Veta Health. If your clinic is moving over to Veta Health, you will be required to register again with Veta Health. You will be sent an SMS or email from your provider inviting you to register to Veta Health. The registration is a one-time step and will take no more than 2 minutes.

Will my username and password change?

Yes. You will be sent an SMS or email with information on how to register to Veta Health. You will be given instructions on how to create a username at this time.

Will the login URL change for me to see my TriVox results?

Yes. You will be provided with the URL when you are invited to join Veta Health.

How will this impact my patients' caregivers and/or teachers?

They will have the same access as they did with TriVox. However, similarly to patients or patient’s parents, they will have to create a new username and password and register in Veta Health.

For questions around clinical use, please ask your provider or clinic contact person.

For questions around Veta Health and its product, please email support@myvetahealth.com