Pediatric care platform for better health outcomes

Veta Health offers pediatric care journeys with educational guidance and real-time feedback based on where the patient is in their care. In turn, clinicians improve workflows and drive better long-term outcomes for their youngest patients.

Children aren’t alone in their care journeys

That’s why we designed our pediatric platform with physicians, parents, and other caregivers in mind. Clinicians gain insight into treatment success and improve long-term outcomes, while providing an improved experience to parents managing chronically ill children.

For clinicians

Veta Health fully supports clinicians with integrating patient-generated health data into their practice and workflow.

For patients

We give parents and caregivers responsive tools and the context to better understand and manage the child’s condition.

Transform data to achieve optimal results

Integrate patient-generated data with clinical data to gain insight into population-level performance and treatment outcomes.

Option 1:  Survey Engine

Veta Health - Checkmark for Pediatrics Improve clinician workflows and long-term outcomes while encouraging greater care plan compliance.
Veta Health - Checkmark for Pediatrics Administer appropriate information and educational materials automated by questionnaire results.
Veta Health - Checkmark for Pediatrics Seamlessly elicit information from patients, parents and caregivers. Teachers can also provide data.

Option 2:  Automated Care Plans

Veta Health - Checkmark for Pediatrics Automatically trigger content to users based on EMR events and/or pre-defined timelines.
Veta Health - Checkmark for Pediatrics Keep track of rich information (such as PROs and consumer wearables data) in addition to diagnosis and EHR data.
Veta Health - Checkmark for Pediatrics Patients receive appropriate notifications, assessments, and content information on a continuous basis.


Adolescent asthma outcomes and management


increase of well-controlled asthma patients


reduction in yearly emergency department visits


reduction in monthly missed school days

Want to learn more?

Drop us a line to learn more about how our automated care plans capture, synthesize, and deliver insights that demonstrate more intelligent monitoring and therapy decision-making for patients with chronic conditions.