Care Plans that help chronically ill patients manage their health at home

We have been closely monitoring the global COVID-19 health situation and have added new enhancements to existing care plans to help patients with pre-existing conditions decrease their risk for COVID-19 complications.

These care plans will be offered free of charge to existing and future customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Support at-risk patients

As the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise, patients with pre-existing conditions have increased risk for complications if diagnosed with the virus.

Our digital Care Plans help chronically ill patients manage their pre-existing conditions at home. We have embedded information and precautionary measures for Covid-19 into our Care Plans, which are currently offered for patients with heart failure and/or hypertension.

Monitor and track pre-existing conditions

Real-time, personalized chronic condition support

Our robust data infrastructure captures and analyzes data from EMRs, consumer wearables, questionnaires, and patient-reported outcomes. Patients receive appropriate notifications, assessments, and content information on a continuous basis.

Remote monitoring and actionable insights

Healthcare providers can remotely monitor patients’ existing chronic conditions, check for Covid-19 symptoms, adjust treatment plans, and precisely identify the right combinations of therapies and other behaviors that will improve health outcomes.


Congestive heart failure


all-cause readmission rate reduction


patient satisfaction increase


medication compliance

Want to learn more?

Drop us a line to learn more about how our automated care plans capture, synthesize, and deliver insights that demonstrate more intelligent monitoring and therapy decision-making for patients with chronic conditions.