VETA HEALTH platform

Data-driven, protocol-based care plans

Veta Health enables effective patient self-management outside of the healthcare facility, providing clinicians with transparency and the digital workflow tools necessary to provide care to their patients in nontraditional settings.

Reaching patients via healthcare stakeholders

Data on patient-reported outcomes represents a critical piece in both finding where new opportunities for innovation are and improving health outcomes. This data, otherwise difficult to attain, is fully supported by our digital platform. Our data-enabled approach holds different benefits for each stakeholder.

Life Sciences


Expand understanding of disease and treatment options


Connect directly with patients to gather real-world evidence


Track outcomes to demonstrate the long-term value of therapies



Accurately identify high-risk patients/populations


Increase patient disease and treatment education


Promote remote and ambulatory intervention



Boost customer retention and increase refills


Increase medication adherence and outcomes measures


Reduce use of unnecessary healthcare resources

Lead patients to more productive and healthy lives

Patients spend more than 95% of their time beyond the four walls of a clinical setting. With Veta Health, you can ensure that patients are receiving the guidance and support necessary to successfully manage their health. 

Patient engagement

Automated and responsive care pathways that are triggered based on patient input. Includes tools for self-management through educational resources, remote monitoring and real-time actions pushed to patients.

Data and insights

Robust data infrastructure that captures and analyzes clinical and patient-generated data to drive appropriate treatment protocols. Includes data from EMRs, consumer wearables, questionnaires, and patient-reported outcomes.


What our clients and users are saying

We are immensely excited about the impact this will have on both clinicians and patients alike.

John Brownstein

Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children's Hospital

The platform has streamlined our administrative practices when applicable by providing insight into patient needs.

Edward Martinez

Former VP and CIO, Nicklaus Children's Health System

This program helped me take back charge of my life. I feel motivated now more than ever.


Enrolled in Congestive Heart Failure Care Plan

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Drop us a line to learn more about how our automated care plans capture, synthesize, and deliver insights that demonstrate more intelligent monitoring and therapy decision-making for patients with chronic conditions.