Reprioritizing the ‘Care’ in Healthcare

Digital Solutions to Empower Patients & Improve Transparency Across Care Journeys


Veta Health supports value-based care initiatives through protocol-based care pathways by driving transparency and empowering patients in their care journeys.

Our Solution

A clinically-integrated platform that gathers and analyzes essential information from patients in real-time to optimize clinical pathways for better patient health outcomes.

Transparent & Empowering Care Journeys

As healthcare continues to shift to value-based approaches to care, healthcare stakeholders need the right tools to better treat patients between and beyond visits, where 90% of the care journey occurs.

Veta Health offers clinically-validated digital solutions to further enable care management and population health.

Veta Health’s solutions deliver transparency and patient empowerment, in turn improving long-term health outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

Empowered Care Journeys

Flexible Self-Management Tools

Real-time insight about health status and responsive care pathways enable patients to manage their health conditions and understand their care protocols with ease.


Community Support Networks

Digitally connecting patients to their personal care networks enables stronger support and better health management over the long term.

Scaled Efficiency

Improved Costs & Risk Management

Enabling measurable improvement in clinical health outcomes through risk-stratified patient lists and real-time alerts that reduce avoidable utilization and costs.


Automated Care Management

Driving workflow efficiency with automated tasks lists and workflow tools that support value-based care initiatives, giving teams the ability to more effectively care for patients.

Improved Care Utilization

Enhanced Data Collection & Analysis

Increased insight into clinical pathways to improve quality of care and alignment of network resources to support patients and populations.


Improved Quality

Evidence-based protocols enable personalized care experiences for patients and populations, through insight into patient need and service utilization.

Effectively Manage Patients Under Value-Based Care

Caring for Patients Beyond the Four Walls

90% of patient journeys occur once patients leave a doctor’s office or hospital. Value-based care initiatives make it increasingly important to manage patients holistically and improve the quality of care.

Veta Health helps providers and payers improve care quality, workflow efficiency, and population health management.

Improve Outcomes

Track patients efficiently by enabling early interventions of high-risk patients in real time through tailored alerts and contextualized patient and population dashboards.

Drive Engagement

Engage patients as active members of their care teams using multi-channel digital communications including SMS, email, and apps in both English and Spanish.

Reduce Costs

Decrease readmissions and utilization of high-cost health services by enabling timely interventions, before an adverse health event occurs.

Increase Efficiency

Improve efficiency in ambulatory patient management through automated workflow tools and consulting services that help optimize team infrastructure.

Enhance Analytics

Gather insights into patient health at key points in their care journeys to improve and iterate upon protocols and optimize for better health outcomes

What Providers are Saying…

“Veta Health helped us identify what exactly was wrong with our heart failure patients. A lot of them had been experiencing Class III and IV symptoms, and were then stabilized around Class II symptoms after we began using the Veta Health platform. Veta Health made it possible for their symptomatic status to remarkably improve.”

Veta Health Thought Leadership

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