Healthy, Happy Patients

Veta Health empowers people to create better habits for managing their chronic conditions through small behavior changes.

The Veta Health way:

We create connected and transparent experiences that lead to improved long-term health outcomes.

Whether you need just one solution or a range of plans across chronic conditions, our intuitive technology makes it easy to engage, manage, and monitor your patients wherever they are.

Clinically-validated Care Plans

Proven behavior-driven engagement strategies provide contextualized support, promote self-management, and keep patients motivated on their paths to happier, healthier lifestyles.

Tracking made easy

Connected devices and patient-reported outcomes provide patients with real-time guidance that is responsive to their interactions.

Learn more about our RPM solution here.

Contextualized care

Data-driven insights guide clinician-driven surveillance and intervention for a proactive healthcare delivery model.

better adherence


average medication compliance

improved outcomes


reduction for all-cause readmissions

empowered patients


increase in patient satisfaction

For healthcare organizations

Activate and empower patients in their homes.

For individuals

Create better habits for managing your health.

happy, healthy patients:

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