Designing the path to care transformation 

Veta Health extends personalized clinical care and patient support to the home, allowing patients to be monitored beyond the four walls of a clinical setting. Our Care Plans support high risk, high cost conditions, as well as complex perioperative protocols for adult and pediatric populations.

Healthy, happy patients

Our solutions create a connected, transparent healthcare experience that lead to improved long-term health outcomes. We leverage patient-generated and clinical data sources to drive personalized medicine and ensure that patients are successful in managing their health.

About Us

We believe that by using simple, intuitive technologies to track key health indicators and by applying an evidence-based approach, we can move the needle on health outcomes.

Our Solution

A clinically-integrated platform that gathers and analyzes essential information from patients in real-time to optimize clinical pathways for better patient health outcomes.

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We help clients develop standardized protocols in outpatient care management, an area where protocols have previously not existed.

Life Sciences

Track outcomes to prove the long-term value of therapies.


Reduce readmissions & optimize clinical workflows.


Increase adherence & patient satisfaction.


Drive reimbursement from RPM CPT codes.