Veta Health helps you create better habits for managing your health.

With Prosper by Veta Health, you’ll discover tips for managing your blood pressure with ease.

Together, we’ll learn what works best for you.

Prosper is available to you at no cost.

Simple Registration

All we need is your phone number. No usernames, no passwords.


Our smart technology gets to know you and adapts to your needs.

Lasting Impact

We’ll build lifelong learning skills to manage your health.

An Easy and Fun Way to Manage Your Blood Pressure from Home

Prosper combines an engaging experience with real rewards to motivate you to be healthier and happier. All you need is a computer or smartphone. Simple as that!

Platform Features

Personalized Care

Get personalized guidance like tips for better eating, exercise, and stress management.

Seamless Tracking

Track your activity, medication, and other metrics like weight and BP all in one place.

Online Community

Help your peers by providing helpful hints and advice, and vice-versa.

Insightful Updates

Stay up-to-date on the latest research and strategies that help people lower their BP.

Help Yourself, Help Others

By completing tasks, you’ll be donating meals to kids in need. What’s better than that?

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