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What is the Veta Health Solution?

Veta Health offers a unique end-to-end platform. Our integrated solution begins in the provider setting and continues through the outpatient setting, offering effective and cost-efficient continued care for patients.

Patients follow disease-specific care plans, which include checklists (including medication reminders), questionnaires, decision-support tools, and patient-entered vital data input manually or from wearable/smart devices. Patients can invite family members and caregivers for additional assistance. Our secure messaging feature connects patients and care teams seamlessly when it matters the most. Care providers are able to remotely monitor patients, support care compliance and easily collaborate with care team members to ensure continuous patient care.

Is the Veta Health solution EHR integrated?

Yes – and HIPAA-compliant. Our platform-based approach enables aggregation of siloed data from discrete sources/systems into one front-end view for the patient and provider.

Why do hospitals choose Veta Health over other solutions?

Our solution provides hospitals the ability to measure system-wide performance, to provide value-based care, and to optimize reimbursement in new CMS incentive programs. We offer clinical staff a specialized view into a patient’s health, intelligently prioritizing them by ensuring care plan adherence and enabling early interventions. Patients are motivated to actively participate in personal health management by reporting vital statistics and other health-related information.

Oftentimes, new technology adaptation can carry little incentive for the end-user and can be met with resistance by staff. Our team spends the time and effort to observe your existing systems and processes closely so we can integrate rather than disrupt. Our solution improves care delivery and reduces the cost of care for patients suffering from chronic conditions. We aren’t another another added technology – we are the technology solution that pulls it all together.

Are you bluetooth compatible? What if my patient doesn't have bluetooth connected devices at home?

Yes – our platform is bluetooth compatible. Our connected apps include products from Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone and more. Our platform is equipped to add more bluetooth device integrations if needed.

If your patient does not have bluetooth connected devices at home, they are always able to manually enter their data points.

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What kind of data can I collect with Veta Health?

Veta Health aggregates data from patients’ remote monitoring devices, their medication and care plan compliance, customization questionnaire and survey data (ie PROs), as well as health record information.

How long does it take to implement the Veta Health solution?

Veta Health’s implementation approach typically includes two steps: a 10-12 week observation and systems integration period followed by a 4-week care team onboarding/training period.

After completion of steps one and two, patient/family enrollment and monitoring begins. Enrollment and monitoring are continuous processes during which Veta Health provides technological and optional care coordination support for providers and patients.

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Who is on a patient's care team?

Depending on the patients’ and their hospitals’ preferences, the care team can include all care staff members involved in a patient’s care journey within and outside of the hospital walls. The simple invitation and onboarding process allows for quick access to the Veta Health platform.

What types of results can we expect to see?

Check back soon to see our latest case study results!

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